Criminal charges or arrest can be some of the most stressful experiences anyone can face. Hiring an experienced criminal defense lawyer can drastically reduce the emotional, financial and legal difficulties involved in criminal procedure and bring it to a fast conclusion with the best outcome possible. Lior Ashkenazi Law firm dedicates itself to representing people accused with criminal charges of all kinds, in all courts and across the country, from the peace court and the military court, district court up to the supreme court.
Lior Ashkenazi is an expert in criminal court and has vast experience in consulting and representing defendants and suspects, in cases involving fraud, drugs, property, and more complicated, from murder and manslaughter up to extradition, sex crimes and money laundering.
Since criminal court deals with the life of people, and because every decision is critical, Lior Ashkenazi usually handles all cases in person.
The most important goal is always the final outcome. Through hard work, and creative solutions which are tailored to the clients, Lior Ashkenazi has a vast record of success and remarkable achievement in cases which he handled (See articles in the site), and even created some precedents.
If you are arrested or charged with a criminal charge, call Lior Ashkenazi right away in order to get free initial consultation and delve into the circumstances. A defense can be provided instantly. Call 052-2953554 or contact us through the website. Remember! The Initial response is usually the most important and efficient one.